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The Three DisGraces!Me and the Beast by Howard Rankin The Heather Findlay Band Wind Section!

The Heather Findlay Band @ De Boerderij 2016

Me and Chris Johnson by Howard RankinSinging Face! by Howard Rankin

            Photo & Design by Richard Nagy  Plucky Butterfly in the sun!  Do you think this harp necklace is a bit big!

            Fancy fingers photo-shopped!         "Sparkly strings at Meltons Too!"

            Nonchalent Harper leaning against a fence - as you do!  I regularly take my harp out for walkies!  Evening sun with crepuscular rays over my shoulder, very arty!

            Me and Eddie Affleck ~ by gads get the lady a drink! Me and Eddie Affleck MC'ing the Black Swan Folk Club Christmas Party 2011

               "Just think we need a few more mikes John" - recording at Fairview with John Spence

            Before my amazing Cloudwatching flight, fuelling up the Piper  Ghostly butterflies by Richard Nagy I am a butterfly, I am!

            Christmas Harping at Barley Hall Wedding Fayre Christmas Medieval Banquet at Barley Hall

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